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Digital eksamensopgave med adgang til internettet

Mandag den 30. maj 2016
kl. 09.00-14.00

Vejledning til opgavesættet

Du skal besvare følgende opgaver:
  • Opgave 1-4
  • Opgave 5A eller opgave 5B
Tekster i dette opgavesæt:
Opgave 5A: “Bangana”, a short story by CJ Hauser, 2014.
Opgave 5B: “Address to the Nation on Immigration”, a speech by Barack Obama, The White House website, 2014.

“Address to the Nation on Immigration”, a video from C-SPAN website, 2014.

Vejledning til opgaverne og skabelon
Den samlede eksaminationstid for opgave 1-5 er 5 timer. Besvarelsen bedømmes som en helhed ud fra de faglige mål for niveauet. Der lægges vægt på beherskelsen af det engelske sprog, forståelse af forlægget og færdighed i skriftlig fremstilling på engelsk.

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Henvisninger til tekst, video- og lydklip

Hvis du citerer fra en grammatikbog eller internetside i opgave 1-4, skal du angive kilde.
Alt materiale anvendt i opgave 5 skal være engelsksproget og angives med kildehenvisninger.
Du kan henvise til dele af video- og lydklip, f.eks. ved at angive afspillerens minut- og sekundtal for henholdsvis starten og afslutningen af klippet.

Den generelle, overordnede skabelon for en henvisning til internetmateriale

Author, “Title”. Site, medium. Date accessed. [Link].

Artikel fra internettet med forfatter
Kate Abbey-Lambertz, “Big Sean Gives Back to Hometown Detroit, Hands Out School Supplies to Students”. Huffington Post website. Viewed 8-8-2013.

Artikel fra internettet uden forfatter
“The Civil War and emancipation”. PBS website. Viewed 6-6-2013.

Opslag på internettet
“Emancipation Proclamation”. Wikipedia website. Viewed 6-6-2013.

Video på internettet
ABC News, “Obama’s Historic Pro-Gay Marriage Stance”. YouTube website. Viewed 27-4-2013.
[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V_RkoMDv3fE]. (3:10-3:22)


Oplysninger om kilderne til de enkelte tekster findes i teksternes manchetter på opgavesiderne.
Teksternes ortografi og tegnsætning følger forlæggene. Trykfejl er dog rettet.
Opsætningen følger ikke nødvendigvis forlæggene. Dog følges forlægget nøje, hvor opsætningen på den ene eller anden måde indgår i opgaven.

Opgave 1

I hver af nedenstående sætninger er en grammatisk fejl understreget. Skriv den korrekte sætning, og forklar dine rettelser med udgangspunkt i sætningerne. Brug grammatisk/faglig terminologi. Skriv din forklaring på dansk.

  1. Writing books about their war experiences in Iraq or Afghanistan are something a number of US soldiers have done.
  2. Military drones are unmanned aircrafts operated by pilots in ground-based cockpits.
  3. The use of drone warfare is been criticized for the terrorizing effect on civilians.
  4. The title of the short story “Bangana”, that means “buzzing wasp” in Pashtu, is a reference to the sound emitted by a drone.
  5. One of the problems in the USA is whether immigrants enter the country illegal or not.
  6. The news of President Obama’s measures in the matter were broadcast live on TV.
  7. The title of his speech “Address to the Nation on Immigration” sounds very formally.
  8. There were written many articles following Obama’s speech about immigrants.
  9. Some of these articles focus on the immigrants whom, as the writers see it, should not be in the USA.
  10. The influx of immigrants has also become an European issue over the last period of time.

Opgave 2

Nedenstående uddrag er fra talen “Address to the Nation on Immigration”.
  1. Find og skriv alle neksus (udsagnsled og grundled) i nedenstående sætninger.

  2. Redegør for person, numerus (tal) og tempus (grammatisk tid) i hver neksus.
  1. All of us take offense to anyone who reaps the rewards of living in America without taking on the responsibilities of living in America.
  2. And undocumented immigrants who desperately want to embrace those responsibilities see little option but to remain in the shadows, or risk their families being torn apart.
  3. Although this summer, there was a brief spike in unaccompanied children being apprehended at our border, the number of such children is now actually lower […].
  4. Second, I’ll make it easier and faster for high-skilled immigrants, graduates, and entrepreneurs to stay and contribute to our economy, as so many business leaders have proposed.

Opgave 3

Nedenstående uddrag er fra talen “Address to the Nation on Immigration”.
  1. Find og skriv alle eksempler på demonstrative pronominer (påpegende stedord) i teksten.

  2. Forklar for hvert eksempel brugen af det demonstrative pronomen. Brug grammatisk/faglig terminologi. Skriv dit svar på dansk.
I know some worry immigration will change the very fabric of who we are, or take our jobs, or stick it to
middle-class families at a time when they already feel like they’ve gotten the raw deal for over a decade.
I hear those concerns. But that’s not what these steps would do. Our history and the facts show that
immigrants are a net plus for our economy and our society. And I believe it’s important that all of us have
this debate without impugning each other’s character.

Opgave 4

Nedenstående tekster har forskellig stil. Beskriv disse forskelle med fokus på substantiver (navneord), adjektiver (tillægsord) og sætningstyper. Brug grammatisk/faglig terminologi og eksempler fra teksten. Skriv dit svar på dansk.

Tekst 1
Most days I operate over Afghanistan, but I fly in Iraq too. I say flew, I say I fly, and unless you’re out there
winging around in an F-16 I don’t want to hear a fucking thing about it.
    I hear a lot about it. Hell, I used to dish a lot about it.
    Because I was Air Force. Eight years flying real planes from real cockpits. We gave the drone operators
such shit. Called the reach-back1 crew geeks. Cubicle monkeys. Made fun of their video-game controllers.
Their La-Z-Boy command chairs. We tore them apart if they used words like serve, or deployed, or fly.
    But then I had Bug2.
CJ Hauser, “Bangana”, 2014.

Tekst 2
Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), otherwise known as drones, are remotely-controlled aircraft which may
be armed with missiles and bombs for attack missions. Since the World Trade Center attacks of Sep. 11,
2001 and the subsequent “War on Terror”, the United States has used thousands of drones to kill
suspected terrorists in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, and other countries.

Proponents say that drones have decimated terrorist networks abroad via precise strikes with minimal
civilian casualties. They contend that drones are relatively inexpensive weapons, are used under proper
government oversight, and that their use helps prevent “boots on the ground” combat and makes America

1 control room
2 name of her baby

Opgave 5

Besvar enten opgave 5A eller opgave 5B

Assignment 5A

Write an analytical essay (800-1200 words) in which you analyse and interpret CJ Hauser’s short story “Bangana”.

Part of your essay must focus on the setting and on the main theme.

In your essay you must include references to the short story. You may use information from the internet in your essay. All sources must be documented.

CJ Hauser, “Bangana”, 2014.

Assignment 5B

Write an analytical essay (800-1200 words) in which you analyse Barack Obama’s speech “Address to the Nation on Immigration” and discuss the issue of undocumented immigrants in the USA.

Part of your essay must focus on how Obama argues his case and on his intention.

In your essay you must include references to:
  • Barack Obama’s speech
  • 1-2 other internet sources
All sources must be documented.

Barack Obama, “Address to the Nation on Immigration”. The White House website, November 20, 2014. (www.whitehouse.gov)


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Anvendt materiale (til brug for Copydan):

CJ Hauser. “Bangana”. 2014. Narrative website, Winter Issue 2015, viewed November 2015. (www.narrativemagazine.com)

Barack Obama. “Address to the Nation on Immigration”. The White House website, November 20, 2014, viewed November 2015. (www.whitehouse.gov)

Barack Obama. “Address to the Nation on Immigration”. C-SPAN website, November 20, 2014, viewed November 2015. (www.c-span.org)

“Should the United States Continue Its Use of Drone Strikes Abroad?”. ProCon website, 2015, viewed November 2015. (www.drones.procon.org)